Here is an opportunity to do something that will


impact ALL Puerto Ricans!


Help Gigi Make a Difference...


There are many ways to get involved!

From spreading the word on Social Media, to simply lending your support.

Here are ways you can help:

Spread the Word on Social Media

Many movements have been initiated and thrive on Social Media. If you have a Twitter, Instagram of Facebook account, be vocal. Spread the word about the inequalities that Puerto Rican's face daily and ask for a better Puerto Rico. 

Lend your Support 

If you want to get involved, beyond writing your congressperson or posting on Social Media, please email Gigi and let's work together to improve the status of all Puerto Ricans.  

Join the Movement 

You can Join the movement by simply providing your email address on the form found on this page below and we will keep you updated on what is happening with our efforts to seek equality for all Puerto Ricans.

Join Gigi's Fight to Gain Equality for All Puerto Ricans

Gigi Fernandez

Equality for Puerto Rico 

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