Gigi Close Up


Gigi Fernandez Announces Equality for Puerto Rico Movement 


Gigi Fernandez is the first female professional athlete from Puerto Rico. Her illustrious tennis career included winning 17 Grand Slam Doubles titles and 2 Olympic Gold Medals representing the United States. In 2010, she became the first Puerto Rican to be enshrined into the very exclusive  International Tennis Hall of Fame. 


Even though all Puerto Rican's are United States citizens, many in Puerto Rico consider Gigi a  "traitor" for representing the U.S. at the Olympics.  Without considering the fact that she was a doubles specialist without a partner from her country,  she has been persecuted, attacked, threatened, harassed, called "vende patria" (traitor) and much more. 

No one has suffered more from the identity crisis that characterizes all Puerto Ricans. 

Recently, Gigi has become vocal about the inequalities faced by all U.S. Citizens that are born and live in Puerto Rico and she has started a Movement for Equality for all Puerto Ricans. 

Together we can make a difference.